Msolwa School was established in January 1994 with a Form One group. It was decided that Msolwa Village in Kisanga Ward as an ideal site. The place is about 35 miles West of Mikumi Town (or 70 miles South West of Kilosa town). The site is a great Iyovi Valley that houses some seven villages. It is built by the great local River Iyovi and bordered by large ranges of mountains all round.

In the year 2004, the school has had its first decade of existence. The third Headmistress was in place and this is Sr. Nida B. Galera from the Philipines. The earlier two Headmistresses hailed from Colombia and Latin America. The current School Manager –Fr. Michael Maluku from Malawi. The former 5 managers were from Italy, Lesotho, South Africa and Malawi.

The school has been performing much better year after year. Country-wise the school has been on the rise from forties to incredibly to the top ten (i.e. position 3 out 623 O’ Level schools in 2002) In 2003, it was ranking 4th out of 754 and in 2004, it was ranking 5th out of 802 schools. Generally, it continues attaining better positions time to time as affected by various governmental curricular changes to present.

At one stage of its existence there was an A’ Level section which offered both Arts and Science combinations. For 3 years of its existence, no student ever failed, instead the candidates scored Divisions I to III up to now.

The students population has reached the highest figure of about 440: 40% of whom are girls. One of the significant features of academic excellence is that Government selects about 95% of ex – Form 4 to Government – owned A – level schools (i.e Form 5 each year). This is a very remarkable aspect of teaching and learning processes available at this school.

NOTE: This history of the school shall be updated time to time according to what has occurred aftermath. !